Xpeng Expands into Germany: The Arrival of G9 and P7

Mar 29, 2024

Chinese automaker Xpeng enters its fifth European market with the launch of the G9 and P7 models in Germany.

Xpeng Expands into Germany

Discover the three impressive variants of the Xpeng G9 SUV, offering power, style, and versatility.

Powerful and Stylish: The G9 SUV

Explore the RWD Standard Range, RWD Long Range, and AWD Long Range variants of the Xpeng G9 SUV in Germany.

G9 Variants in Germany

Experience the exhilarating performance of the Xpeng G9 AWD Long Range, combining a powerful dual-motor setup and impressive acceleration.

The Performance Beast: G9 AWD Long Range

Introducing the Xpeng P7 Sedan, a sleek and sophisticated electric vehicle with impressive features and performance.

Sleek and Sophisticated: The P7 Sedan

Discover the RWD Long Range and AWD Performance variants of the Xpeng P7 Sedan, offering different levels of power and luxury.

P7 Variants in Germany

Experience the unmatched performance of the Xpeng P7 AWD Performance, equipped with a powerful electric drivetrain and Lamborghini-inspired scissor doors.

Unleashing Performance: P7 AWD Performance

Xpeng invites customers in Germany to test drive and explore the G9 and P7 models at retail locations across the country.

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