The Tesla Cybertruck’s Steering Broke My Brain

Apr 02, 2024

The Tesla Cybertruck is the first vehicle on U.S. roads to go fully steer-by-wire with no mechanical linkage between the front wheels and the steering wheel.

The Unique Steering System

Powered by the Cybertruck’s 48-volt low-voltage architecture, multiple electric actuators move the front steering rack and turn all four wheels in response to inputs.

Impressive Engineering

In theory, removing the safety-critical link between driver and car is scary, but in practice, the Cybertruck's unique steering system is loved for its maneuverability.

Unnerving Yet Loved

The variable ratio and four-wheel steering abilities of the Cybertruck make driving a big vehicle much easier and eliminate wasted effort in tight parking spaces.

Effortless Maneuvers

After a few blocks, the learning curve for the Cybertruck's steering system is quick, and it becomes natural to maneuver the vehicle with ease.

Quick Learning Curve

Driving a regular car after experiencing the Cybertruck's steering feels cumbersome and requires more input, showcasing the superiority of the Cybertruck's system.

The Comparison

While the Cybertruck's steering may lack the traditional 'feel,' it offers accuracy and maneuverability, making it suitable for trucks and large commercial vehicles.

Steering Feel vs. Accuracy

Tesla assures that the steer-by-wire system is controlled by redundant sensors and actuators, with safeguards in place to reduce drive torque in case of failure.

Safety Considerations

Eliminating the physical steering linkage opens up packaging possibilities for different vehicle designs, such as cab-over designs and easy right-to-left-hand drive conversions.

Potential Packaging Possibilities

The Cybertruck's steer-by-wire system represents the future of steering, offering improved drivability and maneuverability for the largest vehicles on the streets.

The Future of Steering