The Rise of Chinese-Made Cars in the European Market

Mar 30, 2024

Chinese-made cars are making a significant impact in the European market, with sales on the rise.

The Rise of Chinese-Made Cars

Chinese OEMs have been increasing imports ahead of an EU decision on electric vehicle subsidies, contributing to their rise in the European car market.

Import Increase Before EU Decision

Brands like Tesla, MG, and Volvo, although building their EVs in China, are perceived as Western brands by consumers.

Perception of Western Brands

Will mainstream Western automakers be wiped out by their Chinese counterparts? Explore the potential impact in the coming years.

Potential Impact on Western Automakers

In February, Chinese-built cars accounted for one in five new EVs in Europe, with registrations up 45 percent compared to the previous year.

Shocking Statistics

Cars made in China outsold cars made in Italy, Korea, Morocco, and Romania, closing the gap between cars made in Turkey and the UK.

Outperforming Competitors

Some Chinese OEMs accelerated their imports to Europe ahead of the EU decision on anti-subsidy investigation, potentially impacting future growth.

Acceleration of Imports

Western brands like Tesla, Volvo, and Dacia account for a significant portion of Chinese-made car registrations in Europe.

Western Brands in the Mix

Chinese brands still have a long way to go to occupy a significant part of the European market, but their presence continues to grow.

Future Impact