The Rimac Hot Hatch: An April Fool's Joke or a Glimpse into the Future?

Apr 01, 2024

Mate Rimac shares a sketch of a Rimac-branded hot hatch, sparking excitement and curiosity.

A Mysterious Sketch

Mate Rimac suggests that this hot hatch could be the spiritual successor of the iconic Yugo.

The Spiritual Successor

Discover if this hot hatch reveal is an elaborate April Fool's Day joke or a potential production idea.

A Prank or a Possibility?

Explore the sleek silhouette and distinct design elements of the Rimac hot hatch.

Sleek Design Elements

Learn about the possibility of this hot hatch being a fully electric vehicle with impressive power.

Electric Powerhouse

Find out why the Yugo reference reveals the April Fool's nature of this announcement.

The Yugo Connection

Discover the truth behind Rimac's teaser and learn about their upcoming EV project.

The Reality Behind the Teaser

Get ready for the debut of Rimac's revolutionary new vehicle on June 26 and explore its cutting-edge features.

The Future Unveiled