The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Tire Wear: A Growing Challenge

Mar 29, 2024

Electric vehicles experience faster tire wear due to their extra weight and big torque, creating a challenge for EV owners.

The Problem of Tire Wear in Electric Vehicles

Many EV buyers feel that they were not adequately warned about the difference in tire wear compared to traditional combustion vehicles.

Lack of Warning for EV Buyers

Faster tire wear in EVs leads to increased emissions, contributing to respiratory problems, kidney damage, and neurological damage.

Increased Emissions from Tire Wear

Tire manufacturers and automakers have an opportunity to educate EV owners on the differences in tire performance and the impact on range and emissions.

Educating EV Owners on Tire Performance

The conflict between maximizing range and optimizing tire wear poses a significant challenge for the automotive industry, especially as the EV segment grows.

Challenge for the Automotive Industry

Michelin ranks highest among tire providers for luxury vehicles, followed by Goodyear and Continental.

Top Tire Brands for Luxury Vehicles

Michelin leads in the passenger car segment, while Goodyear and Kumho follow. In the performance segment, it's Pirelli and Goodyear.

Top Tire Brands in Passenger and Performance Segments

Falken ranks highest in the truck/utility segment, with BFGoodrich and Hankook following closely.

Top Tire Brand in Truck/Utility Segment