The Captivating World of Tuthill's Porsche 911 Restomods

Apr 09, 2024

Discover the myriad of restomodded Porsche 911s and the firms behind their transformations.

The Rise of Porsche 911 Restomods

Explore the lightweight and high-revving 911K, featuring a 3.1-liter engine and incredible performance.

Introducing Tuthill's 911K

Uncover Tuthill's latest creation, the 993 RSK, with its 4.0-liter flat-six engine and 380 hp.

The Incredible 993 RSK

Witness the perfect power-to-weight ratio of the 993 RSK, offering remarkable performance.

Power and Weight Balance

Experience the advanced features of Tuthill's 993 RSK, from adjustable dampers to electric power steering.

Advanced Technology and Engineering

Join Chris Harris as he puts the 993 RSK through its paces, testing its capabilities on both the track and street.

On Track and On the Street

Discover why the 993 RSK is hailed as a superior sports car, blending performance, nostalgia, and modern technology.

A Superior Sports Car