The Adventures of the Ford Maverick Tremor

Apr 04, 2024

Meet the Ford Maverick Tremor, the small but tough off-road truck that brings adventure to the table.


Experience the eye-catching design of the Ford Maverick Tremor with its orange accents, extra cladding, and rugged appearance.

Exterior Design

Discover the off-road capabilities of the Maverick Tremor, including its lift, all-terrain tires, and updated suspension.

Off-Road Capability

Follow the Maverick Tremor as it explores wildlife management areas and conquers rutted dirt roads with ease.

Exploring the Wild

Learn about the impressive ground clearance of the Maverick Tremor, allowing it to navigate rough terrains without hesitation.

Ground Clearance

Experience the punchy performance of the Maverick Tremor's turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, delivering power and torque when needed.

Powerful Performance

Take a ride on the pavement with the Maverick Tremor and discover its comfortable highway ride and unique driving experience.

On-Road Experience

Explore the price options of the Maverick Tremor and weigh its value against competitors in the off-road truck market.

Price and Value