Tesla Celebrates Landmark Achievement of 6 Million Electric Vehicles Produced

Mar 30, 2024

Tesla celebrates producing 6 million vehicles, 16 years after launching its first model, the Roadster.

A Historic Milestone

Despite its capacity, Tesla appears to be making fewer vehicles, possibly due to market pressures.

Throttled Production

Tesla surpasses all other automakers, reaching 6 million vehicles produced.

Largest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

The six-millionth vehicle is likely a Model Y, the top-selling car globally.

Model Y: Best-Selling Car

Cybertruck production is set to increase in 2024, while the new Model 3 could boost sales.

Cybertruck and Model 3

Tesla's timing suggests it is not operating at maximum production capacity consistently.

Not Running at Full Capacity

Tesla faces challenges and experienced its worst quarter since 2022 due to competition and slower sales.

Challenges and Slow Sales

Despite challenges, Tesla still sees an 8% increase in overall sales during the first quarter.

Continued Growth Amidst Challenges