Lunaz Group: An Electrifying Tale of Innovation and Obstacles

Mar 30, 2024

Explore the journey of Lunaz Group, a company founded in 2021 with the support of David Beckham.

The Rise of Lunaz Group

Learn about Lunaz Design and Lunaz Applied Technology, the two divisions that fueled Lunaz Group's success.

A Dual Division Operation

Discover how the delay in the UK's zero-emission vehicle regulations impacted Lunaz Group's operations.

Delays in Vehicle Regulations

Unveil the reasons behind Lunaz Group's decision to suspend production and initiate a restructuring process.

The Cessation of Operations

Gain insights from a former Lunaz employee on the company's struggles and challenges.

A Former Employee's Perspective

Learn how Lunaz Group plans to adjust its business model to navigate the changing market dynamics.

Adapting to Shifting Market Dynamics

Delve into Lunaz Group's innovative projects, including electric garbage trucks and electrifying classic cars.

The Road Map Ahead

Discover the hopes of a potential revival of Lunaz Group's passenger car division after the restructuring.

Rebuilding the Passenger Division