Hyundai Dealers Marking Up Ioniq 5 N: A Story of Greed and Consumer Empowerment

Mar 29, 2024

Hyundai dealers are marking up the Ioniq 5 N to the point that it’ll likely be out of the reach of most buyers.

A Shocking Markup

The prices asked by dealers are more than 25% above what the car already costs according to Hyundai.

Exorbitant Prices

Buyers have a few tools to help them avoid dealers who mark up their cars.

Avoiding Marked-up Cars

One Hyundai dealer in California is reportedly asking $87,685 for an Ioniq 5 N, a full $20,000 on top of the car's MSRP.

Outrageous Markup in California

The dealer claims that the markup was made by corporate decision, putting the blame on Hyundai.

Blaming the Manufacturer

The original poster experienced disrespectful behavior from the sales/finance manager over pricing.

Disrespectful Treatment

Hyundai discourages charging above MSRP and emphasizes complete transparency with customers.

Hyundai's Stance

Consumers express their frustration and call for Hyundai to take action against the markups.

Consumer Outrage

Discover tools available to consumers to find good deals and weed out greedy dealers.

Fight for Empowerment