Climate Protestors Challenge EV Industry at Auto Show

Apr 01, 2024

Members of Extinction Rebellion pour liquid on an electric vehicle at the New York International Auto Show to raise awareness about climate change.

Protest at Auto Show

Extinction Rebellion claims that EVs don't address the fundamental problems of the transportation industry and that manufacturing EVs still requires large amounts of natural resources.

Challenging the EV Industry

The group protests the infrastructure decisions that force millions of Americans to buy cars and drive, emphasizing the need for greener alternatives and public transportation.

Concerns About Infrastructure

Extinction Rebellion representatives argue that a shift to EVs alone will not solve the climate emergency and that discussions should include smaller, greener vehicles and better infrastructure.

Climate Emergency

Although manufacturing EVs and the production of materials like steel have environmental impacts, many studies show that EVs are better for the planet in the long term compared to internal combustion vehicles.

Long-Term Benefits of EVs

The group calls for discussions to include smaller, greener vehicles and public transportation to address the larger issues of wasteful infrastructure and energy inefficiency.

Beyond the Status Quo

Extinction Rebellion, known for their climate activism, has also protested a play focused on exposing unpalatable truths, highlighting the need for public awareness and action.

Wider Activist Actions