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Facebook’s Ad Systems Struggle to Cope with User Data

Facebook’s ad systems have reportedly been struggling to manage the vast amount of user data they collect, according to a leaked report from the company’s privacy engineers. The report warns that Facebook could face difficulties with regulators in the US, Europe, India, and other countries due to the “open borders” of the system that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has built. This system makes it difficult for Facebook to assure external groups that the data is not being used for purposes beyond what regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allow. In a statement, Meta claimed that the leaked document does not accurately reflect the company’s “extensive processes and controls” to comply with regulations.

Apple Loosens Control of App Store in Response to EU Regulations

Apple is reportedly taking steps to loosen its control over the App Store, allowing users in Europe to “sideload” software through independent, third-party app stores. The move comes as the European Union passes new laws designed to open up digital platforms to more competition and give users more control over default settings. The changes, which are expected to roll out with iOS 17 next year, mark a major shift in Apple’s business practices and a surprise concession to EU regulators. It remains to be seen whether the changes will be implemented worldwide or only in Europe.