In recent years, video game companies, including Microsoft and Xbox, have taken responsibility for their environmental impact. Recently, Xbox introduced a change to the power-saving options on their Series S and X consoles. This change will allow updates to games, apps, and the OS to occur “when renewable energy is most used in the local grid.”

Carbon-Conscious Downloads

Xbox has become the first gaming console to offer “carbon-aware game downloads and updates.” This feature is available in areas where partners Electricity Maps and WattTime can access energy grid data. They provide real-time energy mix readouts and can schedule updates for times when renewable energy is most used.


While this new initiative is a positive step, it conflicts with other aspects of Xbox’s business. In December, the company released a “mini controller hoodie” that received praise from the gaming press.


The video game industry is making progress in sustainability, but there is still much to do. Xbox’s recent move is a good start, but the industry must continue to strive for more sustainable practices and reduce its carbon footprint.