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The Vivo iQOO Neo 7 Racing: A High-Performance Smartphone That Delivers on All Fronts

he Vivo iQOO Neo7 Racing is a highly-anticipated smartphone set to be released in January 2023. Packed with top-of-the-line features, including a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, 5G connectivity, and a stunning AMOLED display, this device is sure to be a hit with tech-savvy consumers looking for a high-performance device. With its sleek design, impressive camera system, and long-lasting battery, the Vivo iQOO Neo7 Racing is a smartphone that delivers on all fronts.

Tesla Model Y Reigns Supreme: Europe’s Best-Selling Car in November

The Tesla Model Y has continued its impressive sales performance in Europe, finishing November as the region’s best-selling passenger car overall. The electric crossover saw sales of 19,144 units in November, a gain of over 260% on the same month in the previous year. This strong performance contributed to a 97% increase in Tesla’s European sales for the month, which reached 31,820 units

LastPass Data Breach: Is it Time to Switch to a Different Password Manager?

LastPass, a popular password manager with over 25.6 million users, recently announced that it had suffered a massive data breach that exposed encrypted password vaults and other user data. The company has not provided much information about the breach, including how many password vaults were compromised or how many users were affected. Given the scale of the breach and LastPass’s lack of transparency and response, it is time for users to consider switching to a different password manager. Options include 1Password, Dashlane, and Bitwarden. It is also a good reminder to regularly review and update your online security practices, including using strong and unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Apple Loosens Control of App Store in Response to EU Regulations

Apple is reportedly taking steps to loosen its control over the App Store, allowing users in Europe to “sideload” software through independent, third-party app stores. The move comes as the European Union passes new laws designed to open up digital platforms to more competition and give users more control over default settings. The changes, which are expected to roll out with iOS 17 next year, mark a major shift in Apple’s business practices and a surprise concession to EU regulators. It remains to be seen whether the changes will be implemented worldwide or only in Europe.

Facial Recognition Technology Leads to Kicked Out Girl Scout Mom at Rockettes Show

Lawyer Kelly Conlon was denied entry to a performance of the “Christmas Spectacular” show with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City after facial recognition technology spotted her in the lobby. Conlon, who works for a New Jersey based law firm, was flagged by security and told to leave due to her firm’s involvement in personal injury litigation against a venue owned by MSG Entertainment, which operates Radio City Music Hall and produces the annual holiday musical with the Rockettes. Despite not practicing law in New York and not being actively involved in any cases involving MSG, Conlon was unable to see the performance with her Girl Scout troop and was left embarrassed and mortified by the experience.

Goodbye GameStream: NVIDIA Announces End of Service for Shield T

It’s official: NVIDIA has announced the end of the GameStream service for Shield device owners, including Shield TV streaming boxes. Scheduled to be discontinued via a planned update in mid-February 2023, this news will no doubt be a disappointment for fans of the popular gaming feature. However, Shield device owners can still use alternatives like Steam Link or GeForce NOW to stream games to their devices. The NVIDIA Shield TV itself remains a top choice for gamers, with its powerful processor and support for 4K HDR playback, a range of controllers, and access to popular streaming services.