Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Mankind’s inner ant: why humans swarm together

Mankind’s inner ant: why humans swarm together

Meet the Argentine ant, a nondescript fellow, just an ant really. Genetically we have little in common, but the American biologist (and ant photographer) Mark Moffett argues that, behaviourally, this ant is much closer to us than any chimpanzee or bonobo. This species, he says, “represents a pinnacle of social evolution”. Like many other ant colonies,…


Security experts say these are the 7 ‘creepiest’ smart gadgets people...

Amazon Internet-enabled "smart" devices collect intimate personal data from inside your home, and it can be hard to tell whether that data is kept private and secure."Privacy Not Included" is a gift guide from the nonprofit Mozilla published Tuesday that ranks smart devices based on "creepiness" and indicates whether they meet basic security standards.The project…


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