Monday, July 13, 2020
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LightSail teams declares success in solar sail experiment – Spaceflight Now

This image was taken by a camera aboard the LightSail 2 satellite during the solar sail deployment sequence at 1849 GMT (2:49 p.m. EDT) on Tuesday, July 23. Credit: The Planetary SocietyThe gentle push of sunlight is slowly changing the orbit of the Planetary Society’s crowd-funded LightSail 2 satellite after it unfurled a thin solar…
LightSail 2 successfully demonstrates solar sailing

LightSail 2 successfully demonstrates solar sailing

After the month has passed, the craft will spend another year gradually deorbiting.It's a rare achievement in spaceflight, and notable when LightSail relied partly on crowdfunding to make their project a reality. What's important, though, is what comes next. The Scoiety intends to share data with others so they can implement or refine plans for…


Mustang Mach-F Renderings Imagine A Five-Door Electric Pony – Motor1

Ford tossed out over 50 years of Mustang heritage to add two doors to the Mach-E, creating Dearborn’s first four-door Mustang. It’s opened the possibilities for the Mustang brand, for better or worse, and that has some imaginations running wild. The latest rumination comes from Emre Husmen on, where the artist adds a fifth…



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