Friday, January 24, 2020
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YouTuber hacks together DIY version of Intel’s dual-screen Honeycomb laptop – The Verge

Matthew Perks, a YouTuber whose previous projects include turning old TVs into artificial daylight and an awesome water-cooled PC desk project, has found an inventive way of adding a second screen to your laptop without sacrificing too much portability. His dual-screen laptop project, which we spotted thanks to Gizmodo’s write-up, features an extra display that…
China Hacks Chrome, Safari, Edge And Office365—iPhone 11 Is Next – Forbes

China Hacks Chrome, Safari, Edge And Office365—iPhone 11 Is Next – Forbes

GettyUpdated. Anything you can do, we can do better. So appears to be the mantra of the Chinese hacking community gathered in the Sichuan city of Chengdu to battle for the Tianfu Cup (TFC), China’s answer to Pwn2Own. According to TFC’s organisers, a total bonus of $1 million has been put up “to deliver a…


Microsoft Teams gets Yammer integration, secure private channels and more –...

You’re forgiven if you thought Yammer — Microsoft’s proto-Slack, not quite real-time chat application — was dead. It’s actually still alive (and well) — and still serves a purpose as a slower-moving social network-like channel for company and team-wide announcements. Today, Microsoft announced that, among other updates, it will offer a Yammer integration in Teams,…
My Time at Snap

My Time at Snap