Monday, July 13, 2020
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Red Hat Expecting to “Go into Hard Maintenance Mode Fairly Quickly”

With the Fedora Workstation 31 feature outlook covered earlier this week, there was an interesting comment in that article by Red Hat's Christian Schaller that deserves special coverage. A Phoronix reader pointed out the significance of one the statements in that blog post, which I hadn't explicitly called out. So in case you didn't read…


You’ll Need Hi-tech Earbuds To Adjust The Volume In Pokémon Sword...

Find this item or go without volume sliders by Liam Doolan 2 days agoIf you've been playing Pokémon Sword and Shield since it was released, you've probably already got the Hi-Tech Earbuds. If you haven't found them or heard about what they do though, you might want to keep reading. In order to adjust the…


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