Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Elements of Clojure

Your browser does not support the audio element. Zach Tellman talks about writing Elements of Clojure, some of the work he's done in Clojure over the last ten years, and what's next. Elements of Clojure Ideolalia Bifurcan comparison to other data structures Jorge Luis Borges Standing in the Shadow of Giants CLJ-1517 - unrolled small…

Elements of Programming (2009)

Elements of Programming Alexander Stepanov and Paul McJones Semigroup Press, June 2019; Addison-Wesley Professional, June 2009 Decomposing programs into a system of algorithmic components News After ten years in print, our publisher decided against further printings and has reverted the rights to us. We are publishing Elements of Programming in two forms: a free PDF…


John Conway’s Life in Games | Quanta Magazine

Gnawing on his left index finger with his chipped old British teeth, temporal veins bulging and brow pensively squinched beneath the day-before-yesterday’s hair, the mathematician John Horton Conway unapologetically whiles away his hours tinkering and thinkering — which is to say he’s ruminating, although he will insist he’s doing nothing, being lazy, playing games. Based…


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