Friday, November 22, 2019
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How Early-Stage VCs Decide Where to Invest

How Early-Stage VCs Decide Where to Invest

In an investing world glamorized by Shark Tank, Silicon Valley, and “unicorns,” simple, straightforward communication about what drives VC decisions is rare.At the early stage of venture investing, raw data is very hard to come by. Obviously! At that point, the company usually hasn’t gone to market yet in any real way. So at the…


Study Finds Nearly 400 Medical Devices, Procedures And Practices That Are...

(BeyzaSultanDURNA/iStock) CARLY CASSELLA 13 JUN 2019 We like to view modern medicine as based on rigorous science, and while it certainly beats the various dangerous alternatives out there, sometimes physicians still end up adopting practices based on little evidence. When a medical treatment, device or procedure is no better than previous or lesser alternatives, it's…