Monday, January 20, 2020
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Apex Legends: Iron Crown event skins revealed – Dexerto

Apex Legends: Iron Crown event skins revealed – Dexerto

Respawn Entertainment The Apex Legends community are getting hyped over the August 6 announcement that revealed, among other things, brand new skins dropping for various characters in the game. Respawn Entertainment have been on a tear with delivering content that their player base have been vigorously requesting. One such idea is the inclusion of a…


Introducing Network.framework: A modern alternative to Sockets – WWDC 2018 –...

Download Good morning. My name is Josh Graessley, and I am really excited to be here this morning to tell you about Network.framework. Network.framework is a modern alternative to sockets. Today, we're going to talk about modernization transport APIs. This will help give you some context to understand what Network.framework is and how it fits…