Sunday, August 9, 2020
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C++ Ecosystem: Compilers, IDEs, Tools, Testing and More

C++ Ecosystem: Compilers, IDEs, Tools, Testing and More

To write a professional C++ application, you not only need a basic text editor and a compiler. You require some more tooling. In this blog post, you’ll see a broad list of tools that make C++ programming possible: compilers, IDEs, debuggers and other. Note: This is a guest post based on the White Paper created…

A Race of Two Compilers: GraalVM JIT versus HotSpot JIT C2 [video]

Published on Jun 10, 2019Do you want to check the efficiency of the new, state of the art, GraalVM JIT Compiler in comparison to the old but mostly used JIT C2? Let’s have a side by side comparison from a performance standpoint on the same source code.The talk reveals how traditional Just In Time Compiler…


Yelp adds portfolios and highlights to its business profiles

Yelp is announcing two new ad products for business owners — portfolios and “business highlights.” Those highlights are basically a way for businesses to point out their most distinctive and attractive characteristics, using short phrases like “vegetarian-friendly,” “locally-owned & operated” and “X years in operation.” Director of Product Management Alon Shiran emphasized that this is…


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