Pixelbook Go leak reveals its ribbed back, full specs

A month afterexposing Google’s next laptopas the Pixelbook Go,9to5Googlehas extensive pictures and even a hands-on video with the device. The pictures show off a prototype laptop — held by a personwearing the “Jacquard by Google” Levi’s jacket— in a “Not Pink” colorway, with its lid that has a smooth finish similar to some Pixel phones, and its oddly textured underside that’s even more deeply colored — all the better to show off its standout ribs.

The keyboard is similar to the earlier Pixelbook model, while its front-facing speakers are apparently capable of quality sound output. There are USB-C ports on each side each with a charging light and one 3.5mm headphone jack to the left — it’s not dead yet. The design isn’t far off from Apple’s laptops, but if Google is trying to show what a standard-bearer Chrome OS machine can be then this looks like a good attempt.

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