Path to raku by lizmat · Pull Request #89 · perl6/problem-solving

Here’s a quick update with a clarification because the problem-solving document is worded in a way that is not entirely clear (I’ll work on fixing that after we merge this). Basically,everyonehas toapprovethis PR so that we can merge it, but if someone doesn’t leave a github reviewin 14 days, then their approval won’t be blocking the merge.

Now, some people explicitly abstained, which is totally fine. However:

By approving a PR the dev confirms that they reviewed and understood the proposal, and that they are OK with it.

So, as I see it, clickingApprovedoesn’t have to mean that you’re fully an advocate of a rename, just that you’re fine with the change.

Anyway, as of right now nobody requested any other changes (meaning that we’re heading for the merge!), but some people still didn’t leave a github review, which means we’ll have to wait a bit.

To keep it safe, it’ll be 14 days since the votingwas restarted. This means thatthis PR will be merged on October 14thif nobody in the list rejects it or requests more changes.

Because this is a massive change, I’m pinging the reviewers again.

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