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Apple’s added five more games to Apple Arcade,its new subscription servicethat launched last month. These five games, including Hidden Layer Games’Inmost, are in addition to four other games that dropped on the platformover the weekend.

Published by Chucklefish,Inmostis a spooky-looking “story-driven puzzle platformer” with three playable characters “within one dark, interconnecting story.” Players will have to fight their way through an abandoned castle to escape the game’s pixel-art world.Inmostwill launch on Nintendo Switch later in 2019, according to the developer.

A second puzzle platformer,Stela, launched today, too. FromHalo Infiniteco-developer SkyBox Labs,Stelais described as an atmospheric game “about a young woman witnessing the finals days of a mysterious ancient world.” It’s expected out on Oct. 17 for Xbox One and in 2020 on Steam.

  • Hidden Layers Games/Chucklefish

  • SkyBox Labs

  • Stainless Games

  • Efecto Studios

  • Rogue Games

Stainless Games’ShockRods, a “kill or be killed” vehicular arena shooter; Rogue Games’Mind Symphony, a music-based “shoot-em-up” that’ll “make you feel better;” and Efecto Studios’Decoherence,an action-strategy robot game, were all released on Oct. 11 on Apple Arcade as well.

For $4.99 a month, Apple Arcade users have unlimited access to games on the service. Players interested in checking Apple Arcade can start playing with a free one-month trial — but anyone who kicked off their trial at launch will have theirs ending soon.

Inmost,ShockRods, Mind Symphony, Decoherence,andStelaare all available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and MacOS Catalina.

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