Microsoft’s new foldable Duo and Neo devices: breaking them down on The Vergecast – The Verge

It’s our thirdVergecastof the week, and it’s time to recap what happened in the tech world. First up, Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton starts the show by explaining what weheard candidly from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerbergin leaked audio of an internal Facebook Q&A.The Vergecastexplains what Zuckerberg’s comments say about Facebook’s unique place inthe antitrust debate.

Next, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller run througheverything that was announced at Microsoft’s Surface eventthis week, including some newfoldable devicesand Microsoft’spartnership with Android. Will the folding form factor stand the test of time?

We’ve also gotupdates on the fight for net neutrality. An appeals court this week upheld the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality laws, but it vacated a rule that would prevent states from passing their own versions of the laws. You can hear Nilay colorfully explain this court ruling on this episode.

There’s a whole lot in between all of that — including Paul Miller’s weekly segment “I’ve seenTheMatrix. I’m not an idiot.” — so listen through to get it all.

Stories discussed on the show:

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