Google Delivers Chrome OS 77 –

Google has announced the release of Chrome OS 77, which adds media management notifications, Family Link improvements, and more.

“You should soon see an update on your device for Chrome OS 77,” a Chrome OS team post to the Chromebook Help websiteannounced. “Friendly Reminder: This update will be progressively rolling out over the coming days.”

In addition to the usual bug fixes and security updates, here’s what’s new in Chrome OS 77. (The first two were not mentioned in the Google post for some reason.)

More Google Assistant support.Chrome OS 77 brings Google Assistant to more Chromebooks,as was previously announced.

Media notifications.If you’re familiar with Chrome OS, you know that it stacks its notifications on a flyout that appears when you click the status area on the right of the taskbar. With Chrome OS 77,  you’ll now get media notifications just like in Android so you can control and dismiss media playback from specific apps.

Family Link improvements.Chrome OS 77 improvements Family Link with the ability for parents to add bonus time when screen time is almost over, without needing to change the daily limit or bedtime schedule.

Camera app improvements.The Chrome OS Camera app has been updated to make it easier to take photos or capture videos. Selfies and other content are saved to the Downloads folder because everything is in Chrome OS.

Automatic Clicks improvements.An Automatic Clicks feature, available in Accessibility settings, lets those with motor challenges more easily use a Chromebook. It features updated controls that let “you hover over an item to left-click, right-click, double-click, drag, and scroll.”

There are apparently other new features that Google isn’t (yet?) documenting, including automatic shutdown support, device formatting improvements, and, perhaps most impressively, a new virtual desktops feature called Virtual Desks.

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