Jeff Bezos pledges that Amazon will swiftly combat climate change

Jeff Bezos announced today a climate pledge from his company Amazon. Amazon will meet the emission-reduction goals of the Paris Agreement 10 years early, measure and report emissions on a regular basis, implement decarbonization strategies, and offset remaining emissions.

Bezos’ goal is for 80 percent of Amazon’s energy use to be renewable by 2024. By 2030, Bezos hopes to run Amazon on renewables alone. Bezos says he wants Amazon to be a role model for other companies — which is why he says Amazon will be the first company to sign on to the Paris pledge.

Today’s announcement comes a day before thousands of Amazon employees have pledged to walk off the job to protest the company’s pollution and support of fossil fuel companies and climate deniers. The 15,500 Amazon employees who have said they will walk out on September 20th will join massive demonstrations around the world ahead of a United Nations summit on climate action taking place in New York on the 23rd. Dubbed a ‘global climate strike,’ it builds on a movement of youth walking out of class on Fridays to protest inaction on an issue they believe will shape their futures.

It’s expected to be the first time workers at its Seattle headquarters walk out. Warehouse workers went on strike duringAmazon Prime Dayto protest labor conditions. And inApril, thousands of employees signed on to an open letter to Jeff Bezos asking the CEO to develop a plan to take action on climate change.


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