Sonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker leaks in more detail

We’re getting a better look at the long-awaitedportable bluetooth speaker from Sonosthanks to a slew of new imagesposted byWinFuture. The German publication that specializes in Microsoft leaks has posted what it says are “official marketing images” of the new speaker, while also giving us a name forproduct model S17: Sonos Move.

The images give us a first look at the stationary base station as well as the built-in handle whereby the Sonos Move can be undocked and transformed into an ordinary Bluetooth speaker via a toggle button on the rear. We’re also getting a first look at how the Sonos Move charges, either via the USB-C jack or the two charging contacts near the base of the speaker. It’s a clever design that lets you extend your Sonos whole-home audio network into the backyard or a bathroom, for example, or to places far beyond the reach of your Wi-Fi signal like the beach or a park.

The Vergepreviously revealedadditional details based on information provided by a person familiar with the speaker’s capabilities:

  • The speaker is larger than it may look in the photos. It’s both taller and slightly wider than the Sonos One / Play:1.
  • It supports hands-free voice commands from either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • When in Bluetooth mode, the speaker cannot be controlled with the Sonos app. It behaves like any other Bluetooth speaker. You pair it and play.
  • Hands-free voice commands for Alexa and Google Assistant are also (currently) unavailable in Bluetooth mode.
  • In regular Wi-Fi mode, the speaker appears like any other Sonos device in the app — but with a battery indicator.
  • Like other recent Sonos speakers, the portable one will support Apple’s AirPlay 2.
  • It’s the first Sonos speaker to support Auto Trueplay, utilizing the speaker’s built-in microphones to automatically fine tune the audio output.

We still don’t know the battery life, waterproof / dustproof rating, ability to pair with other Sonos speaker(s) for stereo or surround sound, or, importantly, the price. As far as dates go, Sonos is hosting a press event that kicks off on August 26th, so it’s a good bet we’ll get all the details then.

For more images of the Sonos Move be sure tocheck outWinFuture.

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