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Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru will be joining the cast ofSoulcalibur VIas its third guest character next season.A release date wasn’t announced, but fans can look forward to thereturnof classicSoulcaliburcharacter Cassandra tomorrow, August 5, in the meantime.

SNK revealed a timeline for the first season of paidSamurai Shodowncontent at Evo 2019. Rimururu is coming in August, Basara in October, Kazuki Kazama in November, and Wan-Fu in December. As an added bonus, Shizumaru Hisame will be available for free in September. A second season is also planned for 2020.

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View on Kinja Deals | The Inventory

Masato “Bonchan” Takahashi has been crownedStreet Fighter Vchampion at Evo 2019.It’s been along roadfor Bonchan since placing second inUltra Street Fighter IVat Evo 2014, fraught with character crises and surprisingly early eliminations, but now he can finally add an Evo championship to his resume.

Dear Republicans, say it with me: White terr-or-ism. White supremacy. Domestic terrorism. Guns. Hate. Insecurity. Ignorance. Money.

Track:Roses |Artist:Outkast |Album:Speakerboxx/The Love Below

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View on Kinja Deals | The Inventory

After Greenland spent a good portion of Julyonfire, last week’sheatwavesimilarly scorched the country’s ice sheet, triggering a meltdown affecting roughly 60 percent of its surface. On Thursday alone, new data shows the ice shelf lost 12.5 billion tons to surface melting, its largest single-day loss in recorded…

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battlewill receive nine more characters on November 21, a trailer debuted at Evo 2019 revealed. These newcomers includeSenran Kagura’s Yumi, Akatsuki and Blitztank fromAkatsuki Blitzkampf, andRWBYantagonist Neo Politan.

Oscar “Shinku” Jaimes opened Evo 2019 finals day with a victory in theBlazBlue: Cross Tag Battlechampionship.Shinku defeated three Japanese powerhouses—Kamisue “mekasue” Kazuya, Seitaro “domi” Ohno, and Hiroyuki “Kyamei” Kamei—en route to his first Evo title.

Popular YouTube channel Boundary Break, who has popped up on Kotaku multiple times, has released a new video where he exploresBorderlands 2. But this time the channel was able to get a developer from the studio behindBorderlands,Gearbox, to actually help explain some of the more strange out of bound secrets and…

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View on Kinja Deals | The Inventory

Ninja, the former Twitch superstar, has left the popular streaming service and is now only on Mixer. This leaves a gap for someone else to jump into Twitch streaming and become the next Ninja! Let’s figure out who that next famous streamer might be.

After the recent surprise release ofDoom 3on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch I felt I needed to finally accomplish something I had been putting off for too long. It was time to load upDoom 3, start a new game and finish this thing. I tried before when I was much younger and fear stopped me dead in my tracks. Now I was…

Hello! It’s time forKotaku’s Sunday Comics, your weekly roundup of the best webcomics. The images enlarge if you click on the magnifying glass icon.

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View on Kinja Deals | The Inventory

Evo 2019’sMortal Kombat 11tournament ended with Dominique “SonicFox” McLean lying on stage, his weekend of competition finally over. He was once again the king ofMortal Kombat.

Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi has been eliminated fromStreet Fighter Vcompetition at Evo 2019,ending his weekend at 49th place. A perennial favorite, Tokido won the event in 2017 and placed second in 2018.

Seon-woo “Infiltration” Lee is Evo 2019’sSamurai Shodownchampion.Typically aStreet Fighterplayer, Infiltation iscurrently on hiatusfrom official competition after an investigation into domestic violence allegations against him.

Dragon Ball FighterZis in a very different place than it was in 2018, especially when it comes to the Evolution Championship Series. The shine has worn off the game a bit due to various factors, and attendance dropped considerably compared to 2018, relegating the once-beloved game to a Saturday finals placement…

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