Audi’s E-Tron Scooter is a skateboard with a handle

It’s not the most powerful e-scooter between its 12.5MPH top speed and 12.5-mile range, but those should cover a modest commute. It’s not dainty given its 26-pound weight, but you can both fold it up for stowing and, crucially, pull it like a trolley. You won’t have to strain yourself hauling it into a building or across a train station. A Bluetooth connection both allows ride tuning and anti-theft protection.

The e-tron Scooter is billed as a concept, but Audi fully intends to ship this as a product. It should go on sale by the end of 2020 for about €2,000 ($2,235), and it might also be available as an option for e-tron car buyers who could charge it in their car trunks. While that’s not a trivial purchase, it might be justifiable if you regularly find yourself taking short trips — especially if you don’t want to give up some of the thrills of skateboarding to get the stability of a scooter.

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