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Fortnite Season X Teaser 1

A few days prior to the release of the next season and Epic Games has now released the very first teaser. Players can receive a first look atFortniteSeason X teaser 1 below.

The prospect of a new Fortnite Season 10 teaser was heavily expected if you’refollowingsuit from previous seasons within the game. Epic Games usually releases the first teaser 4 days before, with the second and third arriving the following days.

In addition to this, Epic Games confirmed the release of a teaser image today during the Fortnite World Cup Final yesterday.NyhroxandAquaawere crownedduo champions after the event. The major news was revealed by popular commentator Goldenboy, however, who confirmed that the Fortnite Season 10 teaser 1 image will be released on July 28th.

Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 1 Image

The Fortnite Season X teaser 1 appears to showcase the return of Dusty Depot in Battle Royale, in addition to confirmation that the next season will be called ‘Season X’.

The teaser was released on Epic Games’ social media stream and was accompanied by many playersaccliamingthe teaser.

Fortnite Season X Teaser 1

Usually, there are three images prior to the release of each season. However, this was not the case with season 8, instead, we received four teaser images. While Sunday 28, July is four days before the launch of Fortnite Season X, it’s likely we’ll get four teaser images this time.

Within previous teasers, in season 8 the teasers unveiled a big image as you placed them together. Season 9 showcased a word at the end of all the images, however.

Previous teasers have also provided a first look at upcoming Battle Pass skins, in addition to hints for the theme of the season.

This article will be updated with the following teasers as and when Epic Games release them. Stay tuned.

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