65-inch TVs are now the most popular choice for North American households: report

Data from market research firm TrendForce suggests that falling prices have made 65-inch TVs themost popular choicefor North American living rooms. According to the firm, prices for 65-inch TVs have fallen by around 25 percent this year, while prices of 55-inch televisions have remained more or less constant. The result is that 65-inch TVs are now the size of choice for households, with 50-inch sets relegated to becoming secondary TVs for the bedroom.

There are a couple of different reasons for the shift, but the trade war with China has played a big part. TrendForce reports that TV manufacturers had been stockpiling products in anticipation of theplanned 25 percent tariffsthat thenfailed to materialize. Now that they’ve built up huge stocks, manufacturers are being forced to lower prices if they want to clear out their inventories.

Here in my tiny London apartment I’ve only recently made the jump from a 32-inch TV up to a 40-inch set, and even that change was only possible because of the smaller bezels on the newer model. It’s hard not to be incredibly jealous of massive North American houses. At this point, the only way I’m going to be able to fit something bigger in my home is ifLG’s roll-up TVtechnology ever drops to a semi-affordable price, which doesn’t look likely within the next half decade.

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