Microsoft’s Your Phone app can now mirror your Android phone’s notifications – The Verge

Microsoft is rolling out an update to itsYour Phone appon Windows 10 that will allow it to mirror notifications from your Android phone onto your PC. This makes good on a promisefrom August 2018when Microsoft said that notifications would be coming.

The core concept of Your Phone hasn’t changed. Once you sync an Android phone with the app, you can read and reply to text messages, look at photos in your on-device library, and even drag and drop the files. But once this update hits your machine, the app will get smarter, alerting you to any notification that your paired phone receives.

Getting notifications on your PC is great, but being able to take action on those notifications — via Twitter, Phone, WhatsApp, etc., not just text messages — would be better. Earlier this year,Microsoft demonstrated its plansto let users do exactly that by mirroring your Android phone screen, letting you remotely take action on it. The feature will apparently be called “notification chasing,”according to Microsoft’s Vishnu Nath. It’s already in beta for Windows Insiders, and it will likely release for others soon.

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