Twitch Psychic Sparks Controversy After Implying Viewer Should Get A Divorce – Game Rant

Twitchmay be best known for hosting video game streams, but the streaming site actually features a wide variety of content. This includes psychics who perform Tarot card readings, with one of the most popular being Antphrodite. However, Antphrodite has found himself in the center of a controversy after performing a Tarot card reading where he seemed to suggest that his viewer should leave her husband.

On June 11, Antphrodite performed a Tarot card reading for one of his Twitch viewers, who was looking for insight on her relationship with her husband. In the stream, Antphrodite noted that many of the Tarot cards he flipped were upside-down, which is apparently a bad sign.

“I’m concerned. Listen to me. I’m not judging your relationship, I’m not gonna tell you what to do, but what I am gonna tell you is that I’m concerned about this person not wanting the best for you, regardless of what they say,” he said. Antphrodite then went on say, “I’m also worried about their potential impact, not only on you, but those around them. It seems like they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. I don’t like that energy.”

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twitch psychic sparks controversy after implying viewer should get divorce

The stream has caught the attention of the Internet, with many quick to denounce Antphrodite’s comments on Reddit and social media. It has also sparked a debate about the morality of “psychics.” After all, Antphrodite is essentially warning someone – who may actually buy that he has some sort of psychic ability – against their husband, who Antphrodite doesn’t even know. And he’s benefiting financially from it.

Since Twitch is primarily used for gaming, some may be surprised that Tarot card readings are even on the platform. However, as previously mentioned, Twitch is used to stream a wide variety of content. This includes Twitch IRL where streamers are allowed to stream basically whatever they want, as long as they don’t breakTwitch’s rules.

A recent Twitch IRL stream has become quite notable, as it featured one of Twitch’s top stars, Dr Disrespect, at E3 2019. In the stream,Dr Disrespect was filmed inside public bathrooms, which is against the law in California, and has seen his Twitch channel banned with no known return date at this time. It’s unlikely Antphrodite will face similar repercussions, as he didn’t break any of Twitch’s rules, but it will be interesting to see how the Twitch community reacts to this situation moving forward.


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