Samsung’s 5G S10 is coming to Sprint next week

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be available on Sprint’s 5G networkstarting on June 21st, with preorders opening today. The 5G network launched last month in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Kansas City, and will be coming to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, and Washington, DC in the coming weeks. Full coverage information is available onSprint’s 5G site. The Galaxy S10 5G joins theLG V50andHTC 5G hubas Sprint’s first 5G devices.

Sprint’s 5G network was not first to launch for consumers in the US, nor is it hitting thegigabit download speeds that Verizon’s networkis capable of, butwhen we tried it for ourselveswe found that it offered far more consistent speeds, and broader coverage than its competitor. Unlike Verizon’s network, it was able to penetrate into buildings, meaning that we were able to actually benefit from its faster speeds while we worked inside a coffee shop.

A June 21st launch for the Galaxy S10 5G is a little later that AT&T’sJune 17thlaunch. However, on Sprint the phone will be available to everyone, and not just to business customers or developers. Samsung’s 5G handset has been available on Verizon’s 5G network since mid-May.

Preorders for Sprint’s latest 5G device are open starting today onSprint’s website. The phone is available on Sprint’s $80 unlimited plan, which also includes a subscription to Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Tidal.

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